Thursday, February 28, 2019

UK: Mohammed charged after threatening Muslim woman for wearing western clothing

(London) So many Islamic women living in the west state that they cover up because it is there basic human right to wear what they want, when asked if they are forced to do so they laugh. But I'm from an Islamic family (Thankfully none of my siblings cover up) and I know this just isn't true. The males of Islamic families are belittled. publicly abused and emasculated by the religiously pious who play the religion card in which to gain standing within the Islamic community. In doing so they force these liberal Muslims to adopt practices which have no place in the Uk, simply in order to save face. Well there is also another side to all of this pressure, idiots actually attack women for not subscribing to their Islamic set of values.

Which is what transpired when 37 year old Mohammed Amin walked into a health centre in London and handed a Muslim female healthworker a note which stated that she was not following the Islamic dress code. When a doctor came to her assistance, Mohammed issued threats at the woman before hurling abuse at the doctor for being a Christian and threatening him with violence if he dared report him to the police. Well tough crap, Mohammed was reported and in court he received an 18 month community order consisting of him having to complete a 10 day rehabilitation requirement, 100 hours unpaid work and pay costs of £85.00. As you can see the UK, doesn't offer much of a deterrent to stop these idiots from carrying out gods works.

Just as a matter of fact, this took place around 2 miles from where ISIS bride Shamima Begum
 and her many friends who also buggered off to join ISIS lived. Makes you wonder