Friday, February 1, 2019

UK: Mother found guilty of carrying out FGM on 3 year old daughter.

(London) In a first, the UK has actually found somebody guilty of carrying out Female genital mutilation (FGM) on a child in the UK. Yes in nation which reported in 2015 that there were 137,000 women and girls affected by FGM, where it has been illegal since 1985, the Uk has managed to secure it first prosecution.

The case saw a 37-year-old mother of a 3 year old child guilty of FGM, she tried to claim that the child has bashed her nether regions whilst trying to climb onto cupboards onto cupboards for food. But the child authorities for once were having none of this. Incredibly inside the home they found over 40 black magic wards which were supposed to keep police, social workers and lawyers quiet.

But get this whilst the mother has been found guilty the father has been allowed to walk free. Yup PC has a lot to answer for.