Saturday, February 2, 2019

UK: 3 Islamic gunmen jailed for 46 years

(Birmingham) The left, the political elites and the BLAME community . Love to play the race card every chance they get, be it hurt feelings, representation or revisionist history these people love to play the victim card every chance they get. One such subject is the large number of minorities locked away . To the above do-getters its racism pure and simply, yet the fact remains the large number of non-white people above the population percentage is down to criminality.

Take for example  19 year old Kabir Khan, his brother 18 year old brother Sajeer and their mate 18 year old Atif Imran,  On a dark night during Nov 2017 on the streets of Birmingham they had a set too with another youth , like teens do. However unlike the good old days where you simply had a punch up, shook hands and walked away. These spineless idiots decided to bring a pistol to the bun-fight and then when the other fellow ran into a fast food joint, they with total disregard for the safety of the people inside (Including 8 year old children) opened up. Like all these zeros , they did a runner to the ghetto of darkest Alum Rock in which to hide amongst the natives.
Kabir Khan

Atif Imran

Sajeer Khan 

Problem for them is the old bill , did a DNA test on their abandoned  vehicle and faster than you can utter a ‘Alli snack ba. The three idiots were nicked. Yesterday they had their day in court Kabir Khan was jailed for 19 years, his brother for 10 years and two months and Atif Imran for 17 years. And the left simply can’t understand how the BLAME community has a penchant for violent crime.