Thursday, February 28, 2019

Korea: Drunk Russian ship captain crashes into bridge in Hit and run

(Busan) The drunk captain of the Russian cargo ship Seagrand for some very strange reason decided that the quickest way to get home to his home port of Vladivostok was to head inland into Korea rather than heading out to sea. Which entailed crashing into the second longest road bridge in the country. The thing is he had already hit a cruise liner 40 mins before.

On realising he was reading his compass upside down, he turned tail and headed out o sea, in what appears to be a cargo ship carrying out a huge hit and run. The Koran authorities not impressed sent 4 patrol boats out after the ship in which to bring the captain back to face the music.

The accident caused damage to the lower part of the bi-level bridge, the KCG said. No injuries were reported, but portions of the lower bridge were closed off for precautionary reasons.