Monday, February 4, 2019

Iran: Tells EU: "Don't force us into boosting our missile range"

(Tehran) So whilst the liberal world cried themselves to sleep over how the US pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which rewarded Iran with the lifting of sanctions if it refrained from playing with its nuclear chemistry set for 15 years. However Iran has continued to develop the mechanisms needed to deploy atomic weapons via the use of missiles,in contravention of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231

Deputy Commander of Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami
The Europeans who are more than happy to look the other way and sacrifice safety  when it comes to making a busk or two. Has berated the US and is currently trying its best to find a way to continue to do business with Iran. However Iran not happy with how long this is taking , has decided to up the anti by issuing a veiled threat to the EU in which to pull their finger out  and to get them to silence France which has started to see that actually the US made a very salient point about Iran's long range missile developments. Which is why IRGC's deputy commander, Brigadier General Hossein Salami speaking on national TV issued the following warning to Europe on Saturday:

"If the Europeans, or anyone else, want to conspire to disarm Iran of missiles, we will be forced to make a strategic leap. The Europeans and others" that they should "come to terms with the new reality of Iran's missile might: there are no obstacles or technical limitations to us increasing [their] range."
And then as this is Iran, he had to have a dig at Israel:
 “We tell them not to play with fire; since they are not even comparable to our Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas. And they will be wiped off before the US could help them,”
As I pointed out above, everybody and their mullah mocked POTUS for pointing out that Iran was cheating and now we have it from their very mouth that actually Trump was right all along. Oh look squirrel.