Tuesday, February 19, 2019

US: Schoolboy sues Washington Post for defamation

(Covington) A few years ago I was in town and I bumped into a friend of mine in an art gallery. We started talking and the discussion gravitated to books we were reading. I mentioned that I was reading a book on the 6 Day War. When this tall white bloke came out of nowhere and started slandering the Jews. I think he must have presumed from my ethnicity (I’m brown skinned from an Indian background) that I would support his angle of attack. I made the mistake of trying to communicate with him in a polite and civil manner, however when he realised that I didn't support attacking the jews, he went off on a rant, becoming louder by the second in which to try and gain the moral high ground. I did the adult thing and disengaged from the conversation and walked away to a tirade of agitated comments. After a couple of minutes and when everything was back to normal I walked over to my new friend and asked him in a very calm and collective manner if he wished to continue the conversation outside , his instant reply was “I’m a lawyer" which I presume was enough of a threat to make most stand down. Big mistake.  My reply of “lawyers bleed "  was met by the draining of blood out of his face when he realised he had actually picked the wrong bloke to tangle with. He refused to step outside and grabbing hold of his female other half disengaged from the conversation by walking away as quickly as possible. I left it at that, I had nothing to prove, But you know what that gobshite will now think twice before raising his voice in which to silence the other fellow.

The thing is , that tactic of  shouting down others is a move that has become rife across the western world. You know, where the eternally offended crowd shout and scream at anybody they object, so as to character assassinate that person into silence. This is perfectly exemplified how the other month a group of Catholic schoolboys made the headlines for wearing red MAGA hats in Washington as they waited for transport to take them home after attending a rally. The boys crimes were they were white, catholic and as mentioned wearing make America great head wear.  You've all heard the story how the boys were character assassinated as racists because they didn't react when grown adults who were not white decided to get in their face. To the world they expressed disrespect to an ancient Native American Indian who also gained extra brownie points by claiming to be a Vietnam veteran. A video of the event was promulgated to the world by that Native Americans fellow activists and soon the video of children subscribing to racial hatred was made worse by how a few wore MAGA hats. The left pillared these children, in which to express their hatred of President Trump. There were calls for the boys to be attacked (Yes Adults tweeted that these children should be physically attacked) congress women attacked them on social media as did people from the entertainment  business

In the space of a few hours these young boys became the most hated people on the planet. And then videos of the actual event surfaced, they showed that actually the boys had been the targets of the most vile abuse going from a group of Black men, that the so called native American who wasn't a Vietnam vet had walked into the midst of a bunch of school boys and faced off against a child who didn't know how to respond and simply smiled The media which could have cleared all of this up in minutes continued to spread the lie for around a week that the boys were racist bigots and then the boys lawyered up.  Their first move was to warn those idiots who had led the charge against children to remove their offensive tweets, now they have followed up with a lawsuit against the Washington Post for $250 million and you know what, I hope they win and then follow that up with action against all those adults who think it is acceptable to target children with open hatred simply because they can.This is the only thing these so called self proclaimed social justice warriors understand, which hopefully will put an end to this snowflakes generations habit of throwing the most vile abuse going in which to get their way. Which lets be honest is the very thing they claim to be fighting. 

Oh look squirrel.