Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lebanon: Hezb-allah says It wants the country to accept Iranian help including...Anti aircraft weapons.

(Beirut) Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaking on the Terrorists groups very own TV channel has berated the Lebanese people for not being like Syria and Iraq and accepting the help that Iran can afford them. Speaking this past Wednesday he stated that he is willing to ask Iran to provide the Lebanese Army with weapons and air defence systems:

“Will the Lebanese government dare to accept the Iranian proposals? Why should Lebanon remain afraid to cooperate with Iran?” Nasrallah said in a televised address marking the 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. In the military field, wouldn't people make an uproar and accuse Hizbullah of dragging Lebanon into war should the party shoot down an Israeli aircraft attacking Lebanon? I'm a friend of Iran and I'm willing to bring the Lebanese Army air defence systems from Iran to confront Israel,”
He sweetened that statement up by saying that it would be “very easy” for Iran to solve Lebanon's chronic electricity issue with the added bonus that Iran could also make a “huge transformation” in Lebanon's pharmaceutical industry that would “help slash the medical bill of the state and citizens.”

But his true nature for murder death kill soon broke through his thin veneer of Iranian inspired philanthropy, when he stated that if America started a war with Iran, that it wouldn't be fighting alone and that after defeating America, Israel would feel more fear and panic," he then finished off his speech to the nation by stating that claims that there are Israeli-Iranian or Saudi-Iranian wars or conflicts in the region are untrue. This is an American war on the Islamic Republic of Iran that has been running since 1979 and Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries are tools in this war,"

Naturally in a country that is bankrupt, still suffering from the Lebanese civil war, never mind the kicking it received last time Hezb-allah decided to start a war without asking anybody , his speech hasn't gone down well with the non Hezb-allah crowd with cries of:
  • Nasrallah is paving the way for an Iranian role in Lebanon.
  • “Lebanon and the Lebanese have nothing to do with wars raged outside their borders. Why would we be involved in more futile wars that were nothing more than an act of expelling our children to emigrate.”
  • “The arming of the Lebanese army is a decision of the state. If they really want to help, why not open the depots of arsenals and rockets you own and offer them to the army.
  • Nasrallah might be a filthy little Iranian wannabe but even he knows why Lebanon cannot work with Iran. It's the same reason he did not appoint a member of Hezbollah to the health ministry. He even insisted to telling everyone this fact in his speech two days ago: "The health minister is not a member of our party and we have taken this decision for the sake of the country's interest".
  • Just the same, it's also for the sake of the country's interest that Lebanon cannot work with Iran, and Nasrallah knows this. He also knows that can always rely on the stupidity of his followers to believe all his BS.
  • Nasrallah: Iran Can Give Army Air Defence... the same Air Defences Iran is using to down Israeli fighter planes bombing its forces in Syria on a weekly basis?
  • Terrorist nasrallah says 'Iran Can Give Army Air Defence'..Don't ask, just get them yourself and then gift them to the Lebanese army.
  • We don't need to import more cancer into our country.
  • Why doesn't this Iranian shia terrorist go back to his homeland and leave Lebanon to the real Lebanese.
My favourite however is this one:

  • There is a deeper heinous crime being committed by Kizballah here, not only are they bypassing the states institutions by suggesting that the state depend on Iran but also in parallel stating they are the state. This is rejected by any red blooded Lebanese and anyone who still has an iota of respect for his birthplace if it is Lebanon. The bearded goat periodically makes his statements and refers to Iran as he has to since that's who pays him as their lapdog the rest of the nation does not and will accept that period. History will not be kind to him and others who sell out so cheaply.