Tuesday, February 26, 2019

India: Carries out air-strikes on Paksitan

(Kashmir)  India this morning has stated it has carried out strikes agaisnt terrorist targets inside Pakistan situated on the outskirts of Balakot

The strikes which were expected were in response to a  terrorist suicide bombing inside India earlier this month which saw 40 para military policemen killed which India blamed on Pakistan for its active supports of terrorists inside Kashmir

Fully expecting the Indians to counter strike the Pakistanis hoped to defuse the situation with India by relocating hundreds of terrorists and their trainers away from the part of  Kashmire they occupy to a number of holiday resorts inside Pakistan proper hoping that the relocation into Pakistan  would be enough to still the hand of Indian retribution. Problem was not only is it an election year inside India, but packing 300+ terrorists into 3 camps was simply too tempting and so this morning in the early hours 12 Indian Mirage 2000H strike aircraft using 1000lb laser guided bombs struck the camps, with early estimates of at least 200 deaths.

It appears that the Pakistanis expecting some sort of reply to the attack inside India already had a script ready in which to downplay the attack in which to calm the hotheads inside the country by claiming that the Indians ran away when their aircraft responded and caused little damage.