Monday, February 11, 2019

Bangladesh: Thousands sacked after liberals demand first world wages for third world workers

(Dhaka) Liberals and do-gooders love to have a cause. Be it not eating meat, not wearing fur or even the crime of calling a chick with a dick ‘sir’ they feel they have the right to enforce their polarised views onto everybody else and if you don’t subscribe to their views then you must be character assassinated. The thing is, they are never held to account for the after effects of the campaigns. For example the other week. the cause of the day was the wages factory workers in Bangladesh earn making clothes for western markets. Whilst these people are getting paid what is a good wage for the area, to the ethical latte brigade who never take into account the difference in living costs between the first and third world feel that as these people are not earning a western wage, then this is a racist hate crime and that customers should boycott these goods until the workers are paid the same as people in the west. As usual once they have held their protest, these ethical latte drinkers move onto the next social rights cause.

The thing is emboldened by media reporting in the west, a lot of the workers in Bangladesh; felt they could strike in which to see an increase in their wages. Problem is the factory owners were having none of this and it has been reported that 7580 people have been laid off . As usual none of the do called human right crowd who were protesting regards wages have bothered their arse, in apologising for giving false hope to people in the third world who are now unemployed.