Tuesday, February 12, 2019

France: Spate of Anti-Semitic incidents over the weekend condemned.

(Paris) Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has condemned a spate of anti-Semitic vandalism and graffiti in and around Paris at the weekend which has resulted in widespread condemnation amid concerns about an increase in hate crime against Jews. Speaking to lawmakers he stated that he shared their anger at the "loathsome" acts, urging people "to express their absolute rejection" of anti-Semitism. The incidents in question include:

  • A tree planted at a memorial site outside Paris for IlanHalimi, a young Jewish man who was tortured to death in 2006. was found had been chopped down, and a second tree was partly sawed through.
  • The word "Juden" (German for Jew) was scrawled on the window of a Paris bagel bakery and swastikas were plastered over several post boxes bearing the image of former government minister and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil.
  • Graffiti found on Monday at the headquarters of French daily Le Monde targeted President Emmanuel Macron, using anti-Semitic tropes to refer to his former job as a Rothschild investment banker. The words "Macron Jews' Bitch" was written in English across a garage door in the city centre, and the phrase "Jewish pig" was sprayed onto a wall in the northern 18th district.

The problem across the Western world, never mind France, is Political correctness prevents naming exactly where all this ugliness stems from.