Saturday, February 2, 2019

Iran: Reveals New Long-Range Cruise Missile...however

(Tehran) The mad mullahs have  gone all out- what with the bunting, party poppers and halal wine - over the 40th anniversary of the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. Where a modern country took a retrograde step back to the stone age. As always is the case with idiots with small penises, the Mad mullahs  have decided to promote their latest indigenous weapon of war, which apparently due to its phallic shape is more about impressing the girls boys . So allow me to present Iran's New Long-Range Cruise Missile the ‘Hoveizeh’.

The funny thing is, it look surprisingly similar to the Soumar cruise missile they revealed to the world in 2015.

Which funny enough looks very similar to the Russian Kh-55 cruise missile which first saw service in 1981:

The lengths the mad mullahs will go to in which to impress the boys: