Monday, July 23, 2018

Somalia: Man whose daughter bled to death after FGM, defends his actions

(Dusmareb)  Last Tuesday a 10 year old girl was rushed to Hanano hospital in Dhusamareb suffering complications due to having undergone Female Gentile mutilation 2 days previous.  The doctors who tried to save this poor child reported she bled to death (she also contracted tetanus from the use of non-sterilized blades)   

The girl’s father Dahir Nur said he was distraught but accepts that his daughter died due to the procedure and believes she was “taken by Allah”. Despite losing his daughter he defended the practice.
“The people in the area are content with it [FGM], her mother consented to it,” he said, adding, “We have seen the effects but it’s a culture in the country we live in.”
Nur says he holds no one responsible for the death of his daughter.