Thursday, July 19, 2018

Austria: Turkish asylum seeker goes on rampage attacking Jews.

(Wien) A 24 year old Turkish asylum seeker has been arrested after he went on a violent rampage targeting only jews. According to the police, the man has mental health issues and was trying to scrounge a cigarette. The thing is how does attacking  three men wearing Jewish clothing  and whilst trying to make his escape a woman fall into that category. 

Anybody else notice how when people of a certain demographic go the rampage across Europe, they are instantly diagnosed by the authorities as...window lickers simply so they don't have to admit to the blood thirsty nature of the religion of peace. Yet whilst they parade in their thousands across Europe in which to openly promote their faith , jews have taken to hiding their faith so as not to get attacked and the political elites repeat:
"Oh he has mental health issues"
Each and every-time, there's an attack by somebody belong to a so called religion of peace.