Monday, July 23, 2018

Canada: Toronto gunman named as....Faisal Hussain

(Toronto)  So the gunman who opened up on diners in Toronto on Sunday evening killing a woman and a 10 year old girl has now being named by the Canadian Police as 29 year old Faisal Hussain. The Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said it was releasing his name due "to the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident". Really ,exceptional circumstances , more like they found they couldn't cover up the fact exactly who he was, which is why , it is now being reported that he had mental-health issues. Anybody else becoming sick to death regards how the western authorities now tag each and every incident regards a member of the religion of peace as somebody with mental health issues. Its as if they cannot accept the fact that jihad is for real , and go well out of their way to cover it up.

No doubt CAIR will be pushing for any mention of 'Islam' regards mass murders to be made a 'hate crime. Well we all know that the present leader of Canada will have no problems with that.

Now before anybody takes exception with what I have written, tell me, have we heard any-more from the Iranian who stabbed 10 people on a bus in Germany the otherday. and tried to set it alight. No? Gee I wonder why that is? But why am I not surprised to hear that the German police are saying this wasn't a terrorist attack and that the man was suffering from physiological problems