Thursday, July 5, 2018

Philippines: Army foils bid by Islamic terrorists to capture another town.

(Datu Paglas)  The Filipino armed forces have foiled a plot by the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) to take over a town and then fight to the death in which to ensure it costs the government (In lives, money and prestige) to take back the town thus increasing the pressure on Manilla to allow the Island of Mindanao to cede from empire and become a pure Islamic state.

The army moved after BIFF started setting up for the takeover of the town by laying up booby traps and IEDs around the town and having their members mingle with the locals. Having learnt the hard way regards fighting Islamic terrorists in Marawi city last year which saw over 1000 people killed , over 1 million people displaced and the destruction of the city over a period of 5 months, they went in hard using armoured vehicles, infantry mortars with the air-force carrying out airstrikes in which to rid the town of the BIFF terrorists. So far 5 of these thugs have been reported killed with another 4 injured.