Friday, July 27, 2018

Germany: Egyptian who has lived in Berlin for 15 years, says he didn't know it was wrong to masturbate in public.

(Berlin) This week 29 year old Ally E an Egyptian migrant who arrived in Germany at the age of 14 was in the dock for the sexual harassment of 13 women on Berlins Public transport between April 2015 and Feb 2018. The charges he faces are:

Masturbating in public, public indecency, asking women for sex, grabbing them by the bottom and putting his hand between their legs.
Ally E hiding his face, but not his belly in court.
In court Ally E who cannot speak German despite living in the country for 15 years stated that he didn't know that it was wrong to do so, that in Egypt this behaviour is commonplace and that the translator was racist, so by default he has done nothing wrong and he is innocent. He then blamed his actions on drugs.

Then case continues.