Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Israel. IDF shoots down Syrian Su 24 Strike aircraft.

(Jerusalem)  The IDF have announced that they have shot down a Syrian regime SU 24 strike aircraft which entered its airspace today.  It appears the IDF began tracking the aircraft after it took off from the T4 airbase and as it approached Israel, warnings were given in numerous languages, but the aircraft continued on its flight path. After it penetrated Israeli airspace, 2 Patriot missiles were launched at it  . The Su 24 was hit and fell into the the Syrian part of the Golan heights. The pilot Colonel Umran Mare was killed , with the fate of the second pilot who managed to eject, still unknown.

Syrian Su 24
Funny enough this incident took place just a few days after Israel declared its second string missile defence system 'Davids Sling' (Think Iron dome,but with a much bigger range-40-300kms)  That said the IDF did fire two of the new missiles at 2 Syrian ballistic missiles earlier today, with one being detonated in mid air and the other falling into Syrian territory.