Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Somalia: 20 terrorists killed when they picked on the wrong army camp to attack.

(Mogadishu)  Whilst the Islamic terror 'Al Shabab no longer controls the country, they still have the penchant for mischief which they carry out now and again . One of their tactics is to mass armed thugs near an isolated army base, send in a car bomb in which to soften up the defences and claim victory over how many people thy managed to kill.

Which is why last night a large number of allah uttering thugs armed with guns snook up on an army base in the middle of nowhere in the village of Muse Haji (Lower Juba region) and sent in their suicide bomber to do his stuff. Problem is , he was shot dead before he could utter 'Allah ackba' and go out with a bang and so when the religious bigots with guns started their attack, rather than a jumping all over a bunch of disorientated of soldiers they  were met with a fusillade of weapons fire from soldiers manning their positions ready for bear. 

In the resulting fire fight 20 Islamic thugs from Al shabab are now brown bread.