Thursday, July 26, 2018

UK: MP receives police protection after receiving death threats after saying pakistani men are raping white girls

(Rotherham)  For years Pakistani men all over the Uk have been grooming and raping little white girls . The authorities not wishing to be seen as racists turned a blind eye to this cultural and religious penchant for paedophilia . In fact in a large number of cases anybody who spoke out was instantly silenced. one such example was the hate monger 'Tommy Robinson' of EDL fame who was met with incredibility by the BBCs Jeremy Paxman when he stated in 2012 that Muslim gangs were raping white girls on an industrial scale.

However this character assassination and silencing of anybody who dare speak out about the peccadilloes of the religion of peace was rent asunder when Rotherham council applied for an injunction to stop Times reporter Andrew Norfolk from publishing the full account of the murder of a 17 year old Laura Wilson who was stabbed 40 times by her Pakistani lover and thrown into a canal after she had a child to him and presented the child to his parents. The council lost, but Norfolk found that the council had hidden the men's ethnicity in the report it was forced to release. A little more delving by him revealed that grooming of white girls in Rotherham was much bigger than anybody (bar the council)  had realised and his findings resulted in a government investigation which found that over 1400 white girls had been groomed and violently raped by  Pakistani gangs in the city of Rotherham alone over a period of years resulting in the jailing of 29 Pakistani men so far and with more cases to follow. Not only that but by addressing Rotherham other police forces who had also covered up the sexual mores of their Pakistani communities started arresting and charging Islamic paedophiles in their areas.

Last year the female Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion wrote an article for the media under the title:

And she was instantly shouted down by the ethical latte brigade for scaremongering, being a racist and which saw more than 100 cross-party politicians signed an open letter to the newspaper condemning the column for using “Nazi-like language” regarding the Muslim community in Britain, coordinated by the Labour MP Naz Shah. Who faced no action whatsoever from anybody regards this retweet of hers on the very subject:

Well the Pakistani mafia (I won't say community) have decided to fight back by playing the victim card regards what Champion wrote and by doing what Muslims do best..threats. So a so called Muslim charity has stated that since she went to the press all Muslims are living in fear for their lives. Err no that would be because Pakstani men like to rape little girls and people are no longer being silenced and that she should be made to step down and replaced by a Muslim. But it gets worse, the police have found out that a certain community unhappy what she believes in, has issued death threats agaisnt Sarah Champion resulting in her having to have police protection.

That people is how Islam works, play the victimcard for their inexcusable behaviour and then threaten to murder anybody who tells the truth.