Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Holland: Asks Kurds to release 3 ISIS women, so they can make their own way to Dutch consulate.

(Amsterdam)  After the fall of ISIS caliphate , thousands of ISIS terrorists were captured by the Kurds, Iraqis and Syrians. Amongst these have been found hundreds of European based Muslims who decided to migrate to the Levant in which to help carve out a pure Islamic state, usually by oppressing and murdering the locals. The problem now for these western governments is what to do with these blood thirsty religious bigots who are currently being painted as innocent victims by the ethical latte drinkers out there.

Take Holland for example they have asked the Kurds to release 3 female Dutch citizens, who are the wives if ISIS terrorists. The thing is as they are held in Syria, (Where the Dutch have no diplomatic presence) the Dutch are of the mind that these women will travel on their own to either Turkey or Iraq knock on the door of the Dutch embassies and return to a life of flower arranging and what not in Holland. The Kurds on the otherhand have refused saying, actually if you want these jihadi brides you come and collect them and escort them back to Holland.

I keep getting told that only the best make the grade for diplomatic service, from the looks of things, the Dutch pick the thickest. I mean just what could go wrong allowing a bunch of ISIS thugs free to travel across Syria, to either Iraq or Turkey on their own.