Sunday, July 1, 2018

Germany: Deutsche Marine has a slight mishap whilst firing a missile

(Berlin)  The German military hasn't received much good press of late due to its current very poor state of affairs:

3) New German NATO tank force short on tanks
4) Found over 100 extremists within its ranks
5) Has to replace all its assault weapons as its current weapon can shoot when hot.
6) Has decided to replace its Tornado strike aircraft with the 5th gen Typhoon rather than the 6th gen F35
7) In May out of 128 Typhoon fighter aircraft , Germany could only field 4 (yes 4) working aircraft.

Well the architect behind all of the above (and a lot more) is Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen
who took up the post in Dec 2013 and as a reward for her incompetence she saw her tenure renewed  the other month after which she had the the Chief of the Luftwaffe, Lieutenant General Karl Müllner fall on his own sword after he public stated he preferred the F35 to the Typhoon.

Well we can add another to the above list regards to the poor state of the German military under the leadership of von der Leyen when the FGS Sachsen, the first of four Type 124 air defence frigates in German Navy service, attempting to launch a Standard SM-2 air defence missile saw the damn thing thing explode in front of the bridge injuring 2 sailors.