Wednesday, July 25, 2018

UK: Khan couldn't be bothered to ditch her boyfriend, so she had him murdered.

(London) Fatima Khan of Ilford East London had a problem, you see as a so called pious Muslim she wasn't allowed to be near an unrelated man until she was wed. Unlike most girls with secret boyfriends, she had two and she was quite happy to play them off agaisnt each other.

Fatima Khan
However the shit hit the fan when one of her boyfriends , 18 year old Afghan asylum seeker Khalid Safi arrived at her home in which to hand over a watch as a present.

Murdered Afghan asylum seeker Khalid Safi, , 
So, angry that her parents would start to ask questions about her shagging around (Which could result in a grounding, relocation to the motherland or even death) She plotted revenge and so it happened on the 1st of December 2016, that she met Khalid and whilst they were out , her other boyfriend 18 year old Raza Khan turned up looking for bear. She had made an excuse of buying a coffee and whilst she was away Khan attacked Safi with a knife. He buggered off and is still being sought by the police. Fatima, returned and whilst Safi lay dying on the floor, filmed him on her mobile phone. When questioned by the public she replied, it was for her sister. She then uploaded the clip to Snapchat (which only retains clips for 24 hours) with the message:
"This is what happens when you fuck with me"
She then left. She didn't report anything to the police or her family. Until somebody who knew the dead boy and her were an item contacted the police a week later. Initially she claimed she didn't say anything as she was in shock, however the stupid cow filmed herself with her parents that evening and she was anything bar shocked.

When the question of the film clip came out, she denied it, feeling safe in the knowledge that it no longer existed. unfortunately for her, somebody saved it and in court this week, that was used to find her guilty of murder most foul. She will be sentenced at the end of the month.