Friday, July 6, 2018

Germany: Chechen asylum-seekers play the race card after getting arrested over violence with Afghans.

(Cottbus) In Germany 26 Chechen asylum-seekers were arrested after they instigated running battles with Afghan asylum seekers.  Over  the evening from June 12 to 13, police logged several clashes  between the two asylum seeking groups
A Chechen man suffered knife wounds during a fight that broke out at a sports field and several others suffered head wounds. Later on in the hospital, the fighting between the groups continued when a Chechen swung a fire extinguisher at an Afghan man's head.
The police acted quickly arresting those involved However the Chechens  have played the victim card in which to not only try and get off, but to reinforce their attempts to seek sanctuary in Germany, they have written an open letter to the media complaining about Police racism:
  • They stated that those arrested had their trousers and shoes taken off of them
  • They didn’t have their shoes returned to them, when they visited the toilet.
  • They claim that the Police refused to give water to detainees who needed to take medication, and appeared to punish those who requested it.
  • And that during the raid on the asylum-seeker centre the following day, police threatened a woman with a weapon in front of her children, causing one of her daughters to now "panic" when she sees police officers.
  • They also complained about their accommodation wasn’t fit to live in (despite the fact that rent paying Germans live in the same block)
  • They then demanded that all the Chechen families be accommodated in new accommodation.

Well, the above hasn't gone down with the authorities, who have stated the police acted professionally and that they weren’t going to get any new accommodation in Germany as all their claims are set to be rejected.