Monday, July 23, 2018

Nigeria: Suicide bomber kills 8 inside Mosque

(Konduga) So this morning at around 5am a suicide bomber walked into the local mosque in the state of Borno in the north west of Nigeria and killed 8 innocent people when he blew himself up.

Boko Haram the terrorist outfit behind the spate of terrorist acts in the region are a group demanding Sharia law be implemented across Nigeria and are willing to murder, death kill in which to achieve their aim.  The thing is Nigeria is a country split in two religiously. In the northern half where Islam dominates, the states subscribe to Sharia law, in the south where Christianity prevails, common sense  is the order of the day and yet not happy with how the areas run under Sharia also contain the poorest and most unhealthy areas, the idiots at Boko Haram want to spread the scourge of Islam onto others and are happy to murder as many Muslims as possible in which to get Christians to submit to their tyrannical rule.