Wednesday, July 25, 2018

UK: Kahn jailed for 4 years for raping daughter and fathering 3 children

(Bradford) A Pakistani man who committed incest by fathering three children with his own daughter has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.  Bradford Crown Court heard that Ashraf Khan’s secret was only discovered after the woman confessed on her deathbed in the early 1990s. The defendant, now 81, was arrested after the woman’s husband, who had DNA tests done to confirm the children’s parentage, finally reported the matter to West Yorkshire Police in 2012.
Khan the incestuous rapist
It transpired the woman was born in Pakistan during the 1960s and married her husband in that country during the 1980s and came over to England in which to live with him. Her father raped her during those early years resulting in the birth of 3 children who all suffer from genetic disorders. On her deathbed, she told her husband that actually the children weren’t his and were actually her fathers. He didn’t report this to the police straight away , and continued to bring up 3 children whom he thought were his on his own. He finally reported the fact to the police in 2012. However Khan was living in Pakistan at the time and only returned (like they all do) in 2016 to receive free medical treatment on the NHS and on landing in the Uk, he was nicked. When the charges were brought against him, he denied everything. However a DNA test proved him a liar and he finally admitted to raping his daughter weeks before the start of the trail.
In court he was found guilty of incest and jailed for (wait for it) four and a half years.

As with all cases concerning rape, it appears Pakistani rapists live a charmed life in the UK.