Thursday, July 26, 2018

Spain: Using shit bombs, quicklime and flamethrowers, 800 migrants storm the border fence.

(Ceuta)  Whilst Spain loves to complain about Gibraltar demanding the British hand it back despite signing it over with the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. (Kind of leave that snippet out don’t they)  They don’t like anybody to mention that actually they have their own version of Gibraltar on the African coast, sorry did I say one, I meant 2 : Ceuta and Melilla and when anybody does mention them Madrid simply states, they belong to Spain and are not up for discussion.

Well because Spain is in the EU, so are those 2 enclaves and for some it is a short cut to gain entry to a life of benefits at the expense of the European taxpayer.  In the past the Spanish simply stopped any attempts of entry and returned these people back to the otherside of the border. However that all changed when the new socialist government  decided that alone out of all the countries in Europe (Who have started to say no kore we are full) it would accept, illegal migrants, not only that but it would offer them free medical care and spending money and in order to make life easy for anybody trying to sneak in, it sent the message it is going to remove all the barbed wire on the border fences. as it can injure people. (I kid you not)  so with that in mind, what do you think would transpire:

Which is why today 800 fit young men decided to storm the border fence and in order to keep the long arm of the law off them long enough whilst their cut their way through the fence and into Spain proper they used  shit bombs, quicklime bombs and makeshift flame throwers. On crossing the border they were taken by the Spanish to temporary accommodation before being shipped across to the mainland.

What is it with socialists and other peoples lives and money?