Tuesday, July 24, 2018

UK: 3 year old child attacked with acid in store.

(Worcester)  On Sunday the UK was shocked to hear about an acid attack in a store in the Midlands. As this is the politically correct Uk, pictures were aired of the men who attacked the child and everybody passed comment on how evil the British have become .

Well, what do you know, it has now been revealed that the child is an Afghan, whose mother (Afghan also) left her abusive husband (Also Afghan) of 11 years and was placed in a safe house 30 miles away. He spotted the child in a newspaper and recognised his wife who had taken to not wearing her burka after the split. He paid for a gang of Eastern European thugs to maim his wife, however the acid they threw missed her and ended up dousing the child.  (or so they say)

The Roma thugs behind the atatck

The men did a runner, but have been picked up by the police hundreds of miles away in London, the father was the first one they picked up.

Isn't multiculturalism great , and isn't it also great how the ethical latte brigade instantly blamed the British, simply because that's all they ever do.