Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Iran: Was that Ukrainian 737 which crashed last night shot down by mistake

(Tehran) Early this morning Flight PS 752  belonging to Ukrainian Airlines took off from Tehran with 172 passengers and crew, within minutes the Boeing 737 had crashed on the outskirts of the city.

The actual crash was captured on film:
Iran is claiming this was simply an accident. However it has refused to hand over the two black-boxes retrieved from the crash to Boeing for them to check the crash data, as of yet it is not known whom they will send the blackboxes to. This has lead to rumours that the Iranians are trying to hide something and they have had to issue a denial that they shot down the airliner:

Screen dump from Mehr News
Well things appear to have a taken a turn for the worse for the Iranians as a photo of a seeker head for a Russian made TOR  9M330 Surface to air missiles . An advanced anti aircraft missile system of which Iran has purchased 29 and which just happened to be lying around near the crash site.

Have a look at that missile head, now compare it with the missile in question:

It looks like Iran is going to have to answer to a lot of questions especially after pictures of the crashed plane appeared to show damage consistent of an air-burst from an outside explosion such as a proximity fuse of an anti-aircraft missile: