Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Iraq: Whats happening there

(Baghdad)  The other day the US decided to carry out airstrikes on  5 Kataib Hezbollah positions (3 in Iraq and 2 in Syria)  in which to send the message that enough was enough regards the 18th rocket attack this past 11 months by them (Via instructions from Tehran) which killed 1 American and 2 Kurds as well as injuring many others.)

Rocket attacks carried out on the US in Iraq during 2019 
Naturally this was exactly how Iran wanted the US to react after numerous rocket attacks on US bases during 2019, which would allow them to pull out rent a mob in which to try and proclaim to the world that the US isn't wanted inside Iraq by the locals. The problem for Iran was the people protesting weren't normal civilians, but rather Iranian funded Militias who didn't even bother to take off their Iranian militia uniforms (provided by Iran) in which to enter the green zone and besiege the US embassy

And expecting a long siege the Iranians brought along a field kitchen in which to feed their paid thugs:
Then the paid Iranian thugs decided to have a bash at breaking into the US embassy in which to take hostages:(Possibly under instruction from Tehran)

The problem for these protesters is the US knew something like this would happen and was ready with tear gas and soft-nosed baton rounds which the Iranian militia weren't expecting :
But then a strange thing happened, instead of being intimidated like most Western governments have become when it comes to Iranian rent a mobs around embassies, the US sent for reinforcements resulting in 100 US marines landing within 13 mins of being requested:
They were backed up by 2 AH64-E Apache gunships flying top cover:
The US also flew 12 F18 jets from the US to Kuwait just in case they are needed,
To back up the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier task force which is in the area., Troops wise, the US mobilised 400 Troops from the 82nd Airborne Division and flew them overnight from the US
Another 4000 troops have been given a warning order that they are to be mobilised for a rapid deployment. On top of all this a self contained special forces group was dispatched from the UK in which to act as a rapid reaction force in case hostages are taken elsewhere
All of this sent a message to Tehran that if they wanted to play hardball the US was willing to play and today the mullahs like the bullies they are, decided they didn't want to play and pulled their troops back: