Thursday, January 16, 2020

Gaza: So is Gaza really a concentration camp?

(Gaza city)  So how often have you heard on the news that the people of Gaza are suffering due to the terrible siege imposed on it by Israel. We are bombarded with pictures such as these:

Nobody in the right mind would find the above acceptable. Yet I came across this video today which shows 2 young girls doing a 60 sec shopping basket challenge in a Gaza supermarket:
Hang on, do those girls look impoverished, are the shelves bare ? and before somebody claims it isn't GAZA somebody went to the trouble of looking it up: Here's another one from a week ago:
Here's a chocolate shop:
Fancy a good night out with the kids:
What happens if you can't be asked to go out, why you order in:
Hey I'll admit that some people in Gaza will be poor, but there are poor people the world over.but its not the concentration camp full of starving people the media likes to push out. Oh if you have time watch this video from Gazan Vlogger  Khaleel Moeen where he video blogs about shopping in Gaza. From the looks of things he has a decent dentist, which will help with all the sweet stuff they stuff themselves with in Gaza, Which helps explain why Gaza has an obesity problem