Sunday, January 5, 2020

Libya: What is happening (Part 3)

(Tripoli)  Whilst Turkey was denied the ability to reinforce the GNA with heavy weapons by the Greeks and Egyptians , the LNA has been receiving arms and vehicles by sea and air:

And quickly dispatched towards the front line in which to combat the Syrian rebels flown in these past few weeks before the Turks pull their finger out:
Which is where a LNA drone spotting a group of men unleashed a missile the otherday killing 30 people and injuring another 33 on the premise that they were Syrian rebels. Unfortunately they were army cadets:
The bitter irony here is there is an actual war going on in Libya, and has been in one form or another for the past 9 years. The other day 30 men were killed and another 33 injured and not one liberal in the west is bothered, but take out a terrorist enabler who ordered the murder of over 1500 of his own people and the liberal world is up in arms.