Sunday, January 5, 2020

France: Police shoot 'Allah ackba' knifeman

(Metz) Well 2 days after the police shot dead a what they claimed was a mentally disturbed man in Paris (changed it yesterday to a terror incident)  Guess what the police have shot another Islamic knife-man.

This time round, police were called to a man with a knife known to them for his jihadist ways and (I kid you not)  for a personality disorder”. why is all these Islamic knife-man are always reported to be window lickers.. and then a few days later, the authorities quietly let slip that actually he was a terrorist.  As the police approached him in which to take him into custody , he threatened them whilst shouting out the immortal words 'Allah ackba'. so they shot him, unlike Fridays case, this time the knife-man was wounded and he was taken to the local hospital where he was charged with the attempted murder of the two policemen.