Saturday, January 11, 2020

Iran: Protests erupt after Mullahs admit after days of denying it that they shot down Ukrainian Jet.

(Tehran) After days of categorically denying they had anything to do with the downing of Ukrainian airlines flight 752. The mullahs in charge of their little theological empire , on seeing the increasing amount of evidence piling up against them came to the realisation that this was a hole they couldn't get out , not matter how much they blamed others and so decided to put their hand up and admit that they did in fact shoot down said jet killing all 176 people on board .

Well, that hasn't gone well with the downtrodden plebs inside the country who only 2 months after seeing over 9000 arrested and 1500 killed over the rises to the cost of living whilst the country spent billions waging wage across the region, have taken to the streets yet again in which to demand the removal from power of the Mullahs. So far its early days and the authorities whilst clamping down on the protesters haven't yet resorted to firearms, no doubt knowing that this time the world is watching:

Funny how the mainstream media in the West, which aired hours of the funeral of Solemani , haven't got round to reporting this yet.