Saturday, January 4, 2020

US: Woman fails to attend court, for stripping naked in the street and rubbing herself with a hijab she had taken off a foreign exchange student.

(Portland) Last November a 24-year-old foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia was waiting for a train at a Portland MAX station. when 23 year old Jasmine Renee Campbell took offence at her head covering and accosted her.

Jasmine Renee Campbell,
The student managed to push her off, but not before Campbell had pulled off the girls hijab. Now this is where it gets strange, Campbell then decided to strip naked and then proceed to rub the stolen hijab all over her body but especially over her genitalia whilst disparaging the girl and her faith.

The problem for Campbell was somebody had called the police and they arrived to find her in full flow and she was arrested. When asked why? Campbell replied:
That she had targeted the student because she wanted to let the woman know that her religion shouldn’t define her.
Which begs me to ask the question, what does stripping naked in the street and pleasuring yourself with a piece of clothing you had just stolen off somebody say about you? Anyway she was indicted on two counts of second-degree bias crime, attempted strangulation, harassment and third-degree criminal mischief. She was scheduled to be arraigned Friday but as usual for a window licker failed to turn up, a warrant has been issued for her arrest. when offered her hijab back by the police, the victim refused.

Just what is in the water in Portland/