Monday, January 13, 2020

UK: Mohamed ,Muhammed and Mohammed in court over ISIS propaganda

(London) Whilst the liberal chattering classes continue to peddle the line that the Uk is a vastly Islamophobic country which today saw the BBC peddle the line that stopping Somali families  (who came to the Uk claiming asylum)  from taking their daughters back home in case they become victims of FGM is somehow...racist.

3 young lads , funny enough all called Mohammed found themselves in the dock of the local court in Westminster on charges of  sharing ,possession and publicising videos and magazines produced by Islamic State. All three (23 year old Mohamed Ismail,19 year old  Muhammed Tahir and 21 year old Mohammed Saeed, 21) were remanded in custody and saw their case kicked upstairs to the old Bailey . So much for the UK being Islamophobic