Sunday, January 5, 2020

EU: Rings the Iranian FM and invites him to Strasbourg for talks

(Strasburg) So the US is in the middle of a bun fight with Iran. You know that Iran which has recently murdered 1500 of its own citizens who simply protested against fuel rises and demanded that the money the mullahs spend on funding terror groups around the world be spent at home instead) on top of that over 9000 were arrested . This is the same Iran which hangs around (that the world knows of) 300 people a year, which executes gays, which oppresses women, which has an overt ballistic missile program and is the only country to have developed Intercontinental Ballistic missiles which can range over 3000 miles, which don't carry nukes., which is where is semi clandestine nuke program comes in. The same iran which has destabilised the region with insurgencies in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Gaza,and Lebanon which has semi quasi control of Lebanon and Iraq , which openly kidnaps dual citizens in which to keep the other country sweet or else face pressure from the public over how they are not offering what the Iranians want. You'd think the so called Human rights leaders of this world..The EU wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

But it appears the EU is only too happy to appease the mad mullahs, in which to try and win trade concessions by not standing by the only country willing to stand up to Iran. It appears to the liberals at the EU, the US and not Iran is the bigger threat and  so today the EUs foreign policy chief Josep Borrell had issued a personal invitation to Zarif to visit Brussels. Yup it appears that the EU is rolling out a red carpet for a mass murderer and has made it very clear that when the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen meets him she will discuss maintaining the Iran nuclear deal, which will entail cashing in on the Iranian fallout with the US, by selling the EUs soul and siding with Iran in return for Iran not targeting EU assets. I hope to god I am wrong, but something tells me I am not.