Sunday, January 5, 2020

US: Trump plays Iran at their own game of bluster

(Washington)  The Iranians have become used to intimidating others with the threats of attacks, until now the only people who have stood up to them were the Iraqis under Saddam and Israel. The Europeans under the leadership of the french and Germans have been appeasing Iran for so long, that Tehran simply treats them for the vassals they are. (Think I'm kidding , Iran kidnaps dual citizens and the Europeans instead of saying enough is enough, can't bend over fast enough for the mullahs in Tehran in which to scream out hit me master) so after the mad mullahs stated they had lined up 25 targets in which to punish America, they never expected the following reply from President Trump:

And they (And the left) have crapped themselves. Iran which threatens others every-other day with death and destruction for even looking in their direction, has gone running to the UN. The left have on mass started apologising to the mad mullahs. Its a joke and with a mindset like that the left deserve to be conquered by the sword of Islam. I left the gay death cult as a child when I was placed in care and I understand fully that Muslims see an apology as a weakness to be exploited. Kind of explains why they keep on playing the Islamophobia card in the Uk in which to try and gain more concessions. Anyway I am currently laughing my socks off at how the Iranians are screaming foul play over the above tweet.