Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Iraq: Iran strikes 3 bases where the US is based.

(Baghdad) This morning, the mullahs of Iran set in motion  Operation Soleimani when in conjunction with their proxies (presumed to be Kataib Hezbollah) they launched a missile attack on US assets inside Iraq.  The bases are Ain Al-Asad to the west of Baghdad

and two military bases in use by US Army in & near Erbil which is in the north of the country,

The attack on Ain Al-Asad airbase saw around 40 Katyusha rockets (short-range 122mm missiles as seen used by Hamas) which pack around a 20kg warhead  These were backed up by 6 Fateh-110 ballistic missiles launched from inside Iran they have a range of around 300Kms and have a 750kg warhead.
BM 21, launch vehicle for 40 Katyusha rockets

Regards the missiles strikes to the north of the country in the city of Erbil, the Iranians have launched 6 Qiam-1 missiles (The missile is a derivative of the Scud missile) at two separate targets apparently 5 missiles missed their target  with another being taken out by a Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar platform (C-RAM) basically its a chain gun fitted to a radar which fires around 4500 20mm shells in the direction of anything heading its way. (Video here)

Reports coming in are stating that nobody was killed with the Iranian issuing a warning that if the US retaliates they will target the UAE and Israel.

As usual the Iranian media are bigging up the story for the Western media and their loyal subjects back home claiming they have launched dozens of missiles at Ain Al-Asad claiming to have destroyed 10s of US fighter jets. The thing is the US has no jets in Iraq, they are all based out of the country. The only assets based there are Helicopters and Drones.
With no US casualties after a very heavy missile bombardment, where a lot of the missiles missed their target, either the Iranians are crap , the US got very lucky , or it was something else. I'd like to believe that the Iranians want to deescalate the situation,  That way they can save face at home and allow POTUS to climb down. Now we will have to wait to say how the traitorous Western media will report this. No doubt the headlines in the morning will be Iran  taught the US a lesson, you know like they did with Israel in 2006 against Hezballah.