Sunday, January 5, 2020

Libya: What is happening (Part 2)

(Tripoli) So after the Turks sent thousands of Syrians rebels to fight the good fight

and straight away they got stuck in:
However the LNA have helicopter gunships such as the Mil 24 and  Mil 35, which in a nutshell are  flying tanks:
Knowing that time is of the essence Turkey voted to send a load of its own troops last week, and tried to set up a deal with Tunisia , where they offered to build  a children's hospital, in exchange for a spot at one of their military airfields for Turkish F16s, unfortunately for the Turks the Tunisians said no.
Denied that crucial air support which could turn the tide in the GMAs favour, the Turks looked set to send a fleet off the shore of Libya. But that was too was stymied when Egypt and Greece taking a page out of Ankara book of declaring an area off-limits by hosting a military exercise  between the two nations effectively blocking any Turkish reinforcements from reaching Libya by sea