Friday, January 10, 2020

Pakistan: Judge and wife who abused child domestic help released from jail early

(Islamabad) In 2016, police were called to the home of Pakistani Judge Raja Khurram Ali after his neighbours reported him for child abuse after photos of an abused child started to circulate on social media and they recognised her.

There they found Tayyaba  a young 10 year old domestic worker . She was rescued from their residence with visible wounds (cuts and bruising to her face, along with a swollen left eye and burns to her hands and feet on December 28, 2016. The judge and his wife were jailed and when they tried to appeal, they saw their sentence increased. The thing is Pakistan is a corrupt country and today the judge and his wife saw their sentence cut to 1 year (a term they have already served,) leaving them free to leave. As you can guess, this hasn’t gone down well with the public,