Wednesday, June 28, 2017

US: Black professor, sacked for being openly racist on TV, now claims she's a victim

(New Jersey) At the start of the month, Fox News brought on professor Lisa Durden, a Black Lives Matter advocate, in which to explain a blacks only Black Lives Matter memorial day celebration. Speaking to host Tucker Carlson on June 6, professor Lisa Durden came out firing after he suggested the Black Lives Matter movement was causing greater division between races in the US. Her reply resulted in so many complaints she was suspended, then sacked:

"What I say to that is 'boo hoo hoo'. White people are angry because you couldn't use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter memorial day celebration - wow! "White folks crack me up when all of a sudden we want to have one day for black folks to focus on ourselves. You've been having 'white day' forever. You don't say the words any more because you know it's politically incorrect - but we have an all white Oscars, movies with all white actors … it took 11 years to get a black Bachelorette.”
As I said, she was sacked for promoting a policy of segregation based on race. However, as is the case with intolerant bigots, she is now playing the victim card by claiming that her firing was unjust and baseless. She claims:
“There was no due process, there were no facts. I was publicly lynched.”
She has now hired a lawyer in which to try and get her job back.