Thursday, June 15, 2017

The German version of CAIR/MCB has stated that it will not take part in a Muslim Peace March on Saturday

(Köln) So after Marek Lieberberg the organiser of the German Rockam Ring festival angry on having to cancel the event due to a terrorist threat last week) opined:
"I have not seen any Muslims who have gone onto the streets in their tens of thousands in which to protest Islamic terrorism.”
Lamya Kaddor the first chairwoman of the Liberal IslamicAssociation on hearing Mr Lieberberg plea decided to do just that and organised a Muslim (yes, that’s right, Muslim) led protest through the streets of Köln (Cologne) for this weekend starting at 1300hrs at the Heumarkt square.

Lamya Kaddor
She has booked numbers of at least 10,000 with the police and she has the support of a number of small Islamic NGOs and all the political parties.

Screen dump of the website for this Islamic Peace March (translated with Google)
However, one group will not be there. The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) the German version of CAIR (US) and MCB (UK) which is the largest collective group of Muslims in Germany has declined. They have stated they won't be taking part as it would send the wrong signal by suggesting it's only up to Muslims to tackle international terrorism. They finished off their weak excuse by claiming that as Muslims will be observing the Ramadan they couldn't be expected to march for hours in the summer sun with expected temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit), instead they have made plans to hold prayers for peace and against terrorism in mosques throughout Germany on Friday.

Anybody else find it strange how the biggest collective group of Muslims in Germany, which has no problem playing the victim card when mosques are attacked due to anger over the latest terrorist attack, isn't prepared to openly distance itself from those who carry out evil acts in their name and send the message to everybody:
"Not in our name!"