Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Germany: Man thrown off train for non-payment, liberals scream... 'racist'

(Munchen) When I lived in Germany, if I caught the tram, I had to purchase a ticket. These you bought in blocks of 10, and when you commenced your travel, you validated your journey by stamping your ticket on board the tram. Simple. If you got caught out, you would be fined.

So today in Munich, ticket inspectors came across a man who hadn't purchased a ticket. He wouldn't provide ID and couldn't pay the fine, yet when asked to leave, he refused. He was thrown off. Natalia Miletic, a journalist also on the train, offended by how somebody travelling without a ticket was thrown off, played the race card because the offender was a black 48-year-old Nigerian.

Well, as this is politically correct Germany, Deutsche Bahn have said they will look into the incident. I can only only guess that in future all those people who wish to use the public transport system will be allowed to do so without paying, simply because nobody wants to be classed as a racist.