Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Turkey: Woman attacked for wearing shorts during Ramadan

(Istanbul) A 21-year-old woman was attacked by a man on a public bus in Turkey for wearing shorts during Ramadan.
University student Asena Melisa Saglam was travelling on the bus when the man who had been seated behind her struck her in the face. She responded by chasing after him but he grabbed her and slung her to the back of the bus before running out of the vehicle. Saglam said that throughout the journey the man had been verbally harassing her by saying she should not be wearing shorts during Ramadan. The man was detained, but following police questioning -- in which he reportedly said he had been "provoked" -- he was set free, causing a new outcry.

After his release, Saglam filed new charges against her attacker. Makes you wonder the real reason why so many Muslim women have recently taken to covering up, and I bet for the vast majority it isn't because they have found religion.