Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Syria, 21/06/17

(Dara) An attack by the Syrian government and friends on a position held by Islamic rebels to the west of Dara city saw them lose 12 soldiers, with at least 7 rebels been reported killed.

(Homs Province) Shelling by ISIS on the village of al-Masoudia village saw 1 person killed. Elsewhere in its offensive again ISIS bunkered down in Deir Ezzor city, 2 people were killed by mortar fire.

(Raqqa) Figures released regards the liberation of the capital of ISIS since the 5th to the 17th June shows that 259 people have been killed (Including 142 ISIS terrorists) minus the 116 already recorded that comes out as 143.

(Dara) Clashes between the government and rebels in the al-Manshiya neighbourhood of the city saw 11 rebels/terrorists killed.

(Aleppo) Clashes between the SDF (Kurds) and Islamic Militia supporting the Turks saw 1 rebel/terrorist killed in the countryside north of Aleppo.

(Raqqa) Clashes between the SDF (Kurds) and Islamic ISIS yesterday (19/06/17)saw 45 terrorists killed and 14 Kurds this past 24 hours.

(Deir Ezzor) A man was shot dead by an ISIS gunman in the Harabesh neighbourhood of the city.

On the 19th the following were reported:
  • Aleppo province: 5 People were killed, by artillery strikes carried out by the Syria Democratic Forces on the town of Darat Azza.
  • Deir Ezzo: 4 people were killed, due to airstrikes carried out by the Syrian Government during its campaign to retake the Deir Ezzo and the surrounding areas from ISIS.
  • Rif Dimashq:  A man was shot dead by an ISIS gunman.
  • Kobani: The kurds have held the funerals of 11 of their soldiers killed fighting ISIS.
  • Elsewhere during the 19th  June:  6 government soldiers were killed as well as 10 ISIS terrorists 
Ramadan death toll stands at 4,029.