Monday, June 19, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq, 19/06/17

(Mosul) Iraqi Federal Police forces killed a senior Islamic State leader and 19 of his terrorist mates as they continued their advance into the last ISIS holdout in Mosul.

(Mosul) A journalist was killed on Monday, and three others wounded when an IED exploded whilst they were covering the battle for Mosul’s Old City.

(Qaim) Iraqi warplanes killed a senior Islamic State finance official in western Anbar near the border with Syria.

(Mosul) Iraqi troops evacuated on Monday 2300 civilians from battlefields in western Mosul. Including an infant from under rubble of a house destroyed by ISIS shelling in Bab Sinjar district in western Mosul. The child was found after they hearing him crying among thirty other victims killed beside him.

Ramadan death toll stands at 3,754.