Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Syria, 14/06/17

(Al Bab) The fighting between Turkish backed forces which kicked off on Sunday continues with 30 fighter and 20 civilians now been reported as killed (minus 7 from Sunday).

(Haita) Turkish forces killed 5 people as they tried to cross the border from Syria into Turkey.

(Darat Azza) Clashes between Kurdish troops (YPG) and Islamic rebels 30 miles North West of Aleppo saw 28 rebels killed for the loss of one Kurd.

(Deir Ezzor) 4 people have died due to Syrian Government Strikes on the ISIS held parts of Deir Ezzor. Another 2 people died due to the vehicle they were travelling in hitting a mine.

(Syria) 35 people were killed across Syria on Monday:
  • In Al-Raqqa province 7 people, were killed in a mine explosion, which had been planted earlier by the “Islamic State”
  • In Daraa Province 4 Rebels were killed in clashes with the regime forces in Daraa city
  • In Aleppo Province a man succumbed to injuries he sustained earlier in an aerial shelling in the town of Maskanah
  • In Deir Ezzor a woman from Mohasan town died from injuries she received a few days ago.
  • 5 people died during an aerial and missile bombardment on al-Raqqa city
  • 7 members of the regime forces were killed in shelling and clashes with the “Islamic State” organization
  • 10 ISIS Thugees were killed in clashes with the Syrian government (don’t know where as the report doesn’t say)
Ramadan death toll stands at 3,080.