Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Syria, 15/06/17

(Syria) 18 people were killed across Syria on Tuesday (the figure quoted has been downgraded from that quoted on the link, in which to account for entries already made):
  • In Daraa Province: 10 People were killed yesterday, due to air strikes, clashes against the regime forces and as a result of barrel bombs dropped
  • In Homs Province: a boy was killed by unexploded ordinance
  • In Aleppo: A man died of due to an artillery round in Al-Hamdaniya neighbourhood
  • In Al-Raqqah Province: A young man from Al-Raqqah city was reported tortured to death in a  Syrian Government detention centre
  • In Deir Ezzor a young man from Muhassan was tortured to death by “Islamic State”
  • In Manbij: The funerals of 4 fighters of the SDF, were held, killed facing ISIS.
(Aleppo) Clashes between the YPG (Kurds) and Islamist factions to the north of Aleppo saw the YPG take out 36 Islamic terrorists for the loss of one of their own during an ambush.

(Tafas) Syrian air and artillery strikes on the town of Tafas saw 11 people killed.

(Al-Raqqa) 3 deaths have been reported due to a mine strike and a sniper.

(Kafrnayah) Turkish shelling on the village of Kafrnayah saw a child killed.

(Al-Raqqa) YPG-led (Kurds) Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS, killing 22 ISIS thugs for the loss of 2 of their own.

Ramadan death toll stands at 3,351.