Sunday, June 18, 2017

UK: Liberal bBC has a new cause to defend - pedophilia

(London) The bBC loves to push its left-wing agenda onto the British public, which is why they continually promote the view that transsexuals, Muslims, gays, Islamic terrorists can only be victims. Only the other day, the bbC was berated for reporting the murder of a female policewoman at the hands of 3 terrorists in Israel with the following headline:

After numerous complaints, the bBC has now changed that headline to actually report the news as it happened and not how their pro-Islamic terrorist-bent editors think it should be reported. Well, as a bastion of left-wing ideology, the bBC has been found to have lots of paedophiles within its ranks (another 2 were jailed the other week) well after it tried to deflect criticism by falsely accusing others of raping little children (funny enough, not one Islamic rape gang has been reported as paedophilic - at the bBC, they call it grooming). The bBC has hit on a new way in which to push the boundaries. Say hello to the new liberal stance of how paedophiles can only be... victims: