Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Syria: Liberals shed tears for ISIS terrorists

(Syria) You may have seen numerous news articles in the press of late about how the poor peoples of the Syrian city of Al-Raqqa are getting the crap taken out of by the US and the Kurds. They are all in the game of playing the victim card for the peoples under siege. Why, the bBC does it ever so succulently:

I mean, how else could you not feel sorry for ISIS. What the bBC leaves out, is that Al-Raqqa is the de facto capital of ISIS and it has been since it was captured by them since Jan 2014. However the city has been in the hands of the rebels since March 2013. Since then, all the Churches, and Shia mosques have been destroyed. The Christian population which was at the 10% mark have left (or been killed) I can only presume the same for the Shia's. After it was captured, Al-Raqqa became known as "the hotel of the revolution", simply because so many foreign Muslims who left their home countries set up in the city as it was the Islamic thing to do. Well the old adage that he who lives by the sword dies by it has turned out to be true for ISIS and currently it is surrounded by the Kurds, Syrian army and the US.

Map of Eastern Syria by Peto Lucem
The final battle for Raqqa

Not known for surrendering, (today there was a counter attack against the Kurds with around 100 idiots wearing suicide vests), the Kurds and Syrians aren't taking any chances. However, that has really upset the liberals who cannot seem to fathom that the vast majority of people inside the city are not innocent victims but ISIS foot soldiers and their supporters who subscribe to an ideology that is pure evil. Idiots who have returned to their home countries from Raqqa have carried out terrorist attacks, only the other day ISIS sent out a message for its followers to carry out attacks across the world and yet the liberals berate the very people preventing these religious bigots from killing people elsewhere. Why can't they simply accept the fact that these people will never change and must be wiped out to the last man, simply to prevent them carrying on where they left off elsewhere?

Myself, I'm more than happy for ISIS to go the way of the Dodo and sod their bleeding human rights.